SEO is important for any type of business, but when it comes to the automotive sector its significance it’s boosted to an extreme. Why is the automotive field in need of Search Engine Optimization? Well, take as an example a situation where you need to look for a certain car. Some companies sell that model while others don’t. A badly optimized website might end up showing up in the results even though they do not own that certain model. Try looking for Honda Civic 2018 available at Edmunds and see what you find. The same applies to other types and models. What SEO does? It helps people reach the product and pages they actually want to reach. See below a few SEO principles that you might want to know about.


It all starts with the actual research. Knowing what market research is and what is there to keep in mind when talking about it is paramount. The same goes for niche research or competitor research. In the automotive section, competitors are numerous, so you should list the top competitors and check out their strategies. If you don’t already know what a keyword is and what their influence on a website’s traffic, then go ahead and learn about it. Data gathering is the base of research. You need to make sure what your current website status is compared to the ones of the competitors and decide whether the information you are providing is complete or not. SEO also includes knowing how to use Webmaster tools. Crawl errors, penalties or HTML improvements are part of the whole optimization.


When talking about on-page SEO, things get a little more technical. You should have a mere idea about general concepts like XML sitemaps, navigation, how menus work, tags, meta tags and so on. For automotive companies, the looks matter most, since it has to attract visitors. Cars are beautiful, and pictures should be carefully integrated with content. Regarding content, internal linking and quality outbound links are essential. Duplicate content should be entirely avoided, and multimedia is a must. The visual design of the automotive website should be cautiously checked and redesigned where needed.

The same goes with performance. In an era of technology, all websites must be mobile-friendly. You will want to opt for a responsive, airy design. Also, since diversity is so looked for, try to build an all-browser compatible website, with improved speed and good ways to cache. URLs should be composed of primary keywords.


SEO can also be off-page. This side of optimization includes brand mentions, competitor research data management, social media profiles, broken link building, expert roundups. What’s important about off-page SEO is guest-posing. Influencer websites should host your guest posts. This will help to build up relationships in order to reach big publisher websites. Successful content rewriting is another good method to attract customers. Without SEO, your automotive company will remain in shadows, since the competition is so tough. Focusing on optimization can actually help you reach success much easier and faster than you think.


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