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How Bloggers can Make Money On Instagram

It is a brave new world, and technology has and will continue to revolutionize the way we communicate, shop, and more importantly, make money. Although social media is more of a time-suck for many people, you are not one of them. You are aware that with a lot of hard work and good research skills, you can make different social media platforms work for you.

Are you ready to take your blog onto the next level? Well, here are some essential tips to make your Instagram account a great money maker.

Make sure your Pics are on Point

Successful bloggers have an effective system in place; write a post, work with the photographer to do a photoshoot, and boom, the post is complete. However, there’s a difference between running a blog successfully, and adjoining and monetizing an Instagram account.

Your blog has to be updated with content every two weeks, or so, but obviously, the more the content the better. On the other hand, your Instagram account has to be updated on a daily basis, preferably a few times a day. What this means is that you need to be your own photographer for the most part. But don’t panic, it’s much easier than it sounds.

A good camera is the first step to posting great pictures. According to Marianna Hewitt, a fashion blogger who provides tips on taking great photos for Instagram, the latest iPhone is the current industry standard. But off-brand cameras can also do insanely well with their all kinds of cool features and gargantuan pixel counts.

Moreover, there are tons of camera accessories available for your smartphone, such as a wireless Bluetooth remote control, a ubiquitous selfie stick, and a handheld stabilizer that comes in handy when taking crazy videos on the go. Quick videos are becoming a standard for the professional and successful stylized Instagram accounts, and so are GIFs.  

Get Fond of Taking Great Pictures

Whenever a great picture moment presents itself, no matter who you are with, take the photo. Avoid second-guessing yourself or telling yourself that you will come back later to take it. For your Instagram account to be successful, you need as many great high quality photos as you can possibly get, since your followers actually rely on you for entertainment, information, etc. and you need to be there for them every day.

You should also have photos of yourself on your Instagram account. Keep in mind that the audience needs to have a face they can relate the sparkling personality of your page to; regardless of whether you blog about fashion or food. That said, be careful not to have a selfie overload. That one occasional selfie is not a big deal, but uploading constant selfies can be quite annoying to your followers, and may give off a narcissistic vibe. Your followers want to see you do something, such as rocking a fabulous outfit, not just your face.

Some brands like CoverGirl are really good at striking this balance. They have even begun adjusting their products in order to look great in selfies, since that’s a crucial factor to its clients. For instance, when CoverGirl realized that one of its products produced a skin look that is too glittery under certain lighting conditions, it had to alter the formula to tone down the quality.

You also need to familiarize yourself with your camera’s timer settings and know your best angles. You can practice this at home by taking hundreds of pictures until you find the perfect timing and angle. This will all in turn help you to get many more Instagram views for your account.

Get Sponsorships

One of the first things you need to do to get the attention of prospective sponsors is to have a high level of engagement with your followers. An Instagram account could have thousands of followers, but have terrible engagement. To avoid this, ensure that you use hashtags smartly, respond to comments, and regularly reach out to your followers with likes, shout outs, and comments.

You can track your followers and engagement details via the free Followers + app, which uses analytics and metrics. It also helps you to track and identify your ghost followers, as well as your best or worst followers. With the app, you can see the locations of most of your followers, and know if you forgot to follow a fan back.  You can also access things such as your average posts per week, your average likes, etc. With such kind of information, you can better engage with your active fans and even reach out to the quieter followers.

After boosting your engagement, you can now reach out to some potential sponsors. Some affiliate programs provide the best way to not only deliver value to your followers, but also pocket some money at the same time. in order to work with such programs, you have to promote certain products and in return receive compensation per sale.

You can promote these products in many different ways including specially designed posts to promote a specific line of product, or encouraging your fans to purchase a product via your link, and side banners. If your page focuses more on fashion and beauty, then encouraging your followers to buy through your profile is a great option. Stylinity, Want My Look, and Share Sale are some of the most popular affiliate programs on Instagram, with a specific style and audience.

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