Well, there are many good reasons to think of buying a new stylish SUV. Whether you’re a new SUV buyer or just looking to change your dated SUV, you should give a look to the New Ford Escape, which is rightly blended with a brilliant performance, the latest technology, a beautiful design and style that can turn heads.

Surely, there’s nothing better than a mid-sized crossover SUV for driving down to the beach or on a new escapade. All right, don’t take our word for it; rather discover the magnificence of the Ford Escape yourself by reading the below mentioned details:

Comfort & Technology

The designers at Ford has carefully designed the inside space of the new Escape to make people feel right at home regardless of where they were going and how long they have to spend time inside. Escape has a generous space for leg and head, which makes for a comfortable trip for up to five big adults and there are many exciting features for the driver too that includes a blind-spot information system, an electronic parking brake, and a parking assist system.

The Ford Sync system facilitates to connect your phone via play music and Bluetooth, receive and make calls safely and even connect through music streaming apps like Spotify. If you are travelling around Australia and want to listen to your favourite tunes, you can, and it is effortless to set up. Using Ford’s intelligent My Key system, you can set limits for music volume and top speed – this functionality will be a blessing if your children decide to borrow the car for a trip, as you can be sure that they will not be speeding when you are not there to supervise.

Engine & Performance

Ford is known for providing dependable engines likewise the Ford Escape also comes fitted with a reliable Ford engine. Ford Escape is available in two different variants viz. the 1.5-litre EcoBoost and the 2.0-litre EcoBoost engines. Both the versions are turbocharged and have been integrated with automatic start and stop functionality, which turns off the engine when you stop the car and turns on the engine when you accelerate, thus it helps you to save fuel when moving around the town.

The bigger engine delivers a whopping 178kW of power and 345Nm of torque, which will make your move pleasurable no matter where you drive it around Australia. The humbler engine renders 134kW of power and 240Nm of torque, which is more fuel-efficient for driving around the town or in the suburbs where more of torque isn’t required.

Bottom Line

Find out what it is that you want to achieve with your new SUV, and choose the most fitting engine for it. If you do not require a more powerful engine, clearly there is no reason why you should get it. Ford Escape has been integrated with the more appropriate engine, so it can effortlessly get along with any type of terrain or conditions. Thus, Ford Escape can do anything that you want from it. If you’re after a cheerful, spacious, capable and well-built SUV, the Ford Escape might be the right fit for your needs. The all-new Ford Escape is out for sale, so visit your nearest Ford dealership today to know the available offers.



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