Want to spend this summer without burnt-out hair? Learn proper ways to protect your mane from sun damage.

  1. Hide under a hat

Believe it or not, but a hat is the best way to protect hair in the sun. This fashionable accessory will shield your lock from direct sun rays and enhance your look!

  1. Moisturize properly

Hydrated hair has more strength to resist a negative effect of the sun. That’s why you should maintain optimal hydration level of your locks.

  1. Shield from UV rays

Harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can do very much damage to your hair. Protect your mane with products containing UV filters.

  1. Use right products

Choice of your hair products is of essential importance in this case. Always check the content and avoid alcohol-based products.

  1. Expose to heat less

Exposure to heated tools is not the best idea during hot summer season. Your hair gets enough heat from the sun, so don’t torture it even more!

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