Forskolin is a chemical substance found in the roots of a plant called Coleus forskohlii. The plant has been widely used in South Eastern parts of Asia for centuries for its medicinal benefits. It has been popularly used to cure heart ailments, regular blood pressure, chest pain (angina) and better the blood flow. This plant also helped to cure skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. The changing paradigms of the human society have provoked the scientists to research further. Research has identified the weight loss attribute of this plant and the chemical substance Forskolin is the key ingredient. Apart from its weight loss trait, other attributes include – cures urinary tract infections and irritable bowel syndrome.

Gaining popularity and substitutes

With the gaining popularity of the chemical substance, natural forskolin extract supplements have cluttered the shelves. It is essential to read the labels before buying and also the percentage of the extract available. The front of the label might claim it to be pure and natural, the backside provides a detailed list of the percentages. It is believed that Forskolin 95% can melt pounds of stubborn fat, but no product which is available in the market does not contain such a high percentage. Supplements need to be backed with rigorous exercising and balanced meal with a streak of the healthy lifestyle.

Dosage patterns

Dosage varies from user to user and it is expected to take small doses, to begin with. Depending on your body’s response to the supplement, you need to increase or decrease the dose. Since these supplements do not require a medical prescription, you need not consult a medical practitioner. Although, in a moment of doubt, you would want to speak to your doctor. As discussed above, it is essential to read the backside of the label which also gives out dosage information. For example, if the supplant contains less that 250mg of the extract then you can take it thrice in a day. Higher the percentage, more efficient is the potency of the product and so are the side effects.

Side effects

It is recommended that pregnant women do not consume this pill as it will harm the baby. Rather pregnant women should not resort to any form of herbal pills and supplements. In the long run it will affect the breast milk and in short the baby might be affected. For others, there might be an occurrence of some temporary side effects which wear off in a while. If you have existing medical conditions, then there might be a high probability of the pill reacting with your body in a negative manner. Some drugs like anticoagulants and anti-platelet drugs react in an adverse manner with natural forskolin extract supplements. The product can also react negatively with calcium channel blockers due to its ability to dilatethe blood vessels of the human body. The calcium channel blockers include Procardia, Dilacor, and Cardizem. Thus, they key to safety and efficacy of the chemical substance forskolin is to follow the dosage pattern and mg recommendations.


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