A clean, maintained and green lawn can provide you a healthy atmosphere and graceful appeal to your home. Designing, Establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn needs a proper attention that should be full of care. In winter and summer season every person needs to take a special care of their lawn and grass as well. It will help your grass and other plants in healthy growth. In order to have an attractive, healthy and beautiful lawn in your backyard there are some important tips for Lawn Care and Healthy Grass.

Select The Good Quality Grass:

Select the best grass for your lawn which can withstand the different conditions of climates all over the year. So, do not compromise on quality because it is one of the important part of your healthy lawn.

Watering The Plants:

Watering is a vital part of your lawn care and to keep your grass healthy. This question is very important that how much you should water, it depends on different factors, such as the kind of grass, type of soil, course the time of year and many other things that are important for healthy grass and plants as well. You need to water your it according to the weather. Try to give water early morning because watering at night can encourage the fungal growth.

Feeding The Plants:

All plants in your lawn needs a proper food to grow. Phosphate and nitrogen are two mo important things that your grass really needs. You can found much preparation in the market that consists of both things in a form of the chemical. Use bone meal as the source of phosphate for an option of good organic.

Mowing Your Lawn:

Mowing the lawn very short is the biggest mistake that many people do and it is one of the main factors of the healthy grass. If you do the mow so often, it can be possible that you can damage your grass with the help of this approach. According to the rule In spring and fall season, you must cut the grass of it to a height of about 2 or 3 inches and for summer 2.5 or 3.5 inches. This will results in a growth of healthy grass and reduce the weeds appearance.

Aerating Your Lawn:

By putting the holes on the surface of your home garden you can aerate it. It is one of the easy way to improve the health of the grass. It allows the fertilizers and water to seep into the seep simply and allow your lawn to breath



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