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Improve Your Delivery Times with a Third-Party Shipping Company

Do you run an e-commerce business and want to streamline the company’s fulfillment process? If so, you have come to the right place, we offer you the top five tips to ensure you keep your customers happy by expediting their purchases.

– Opt for Third Party Services

If you are a smaller company, you know how important your budget it. Many companies think that a third party shipper is too expensive; however, when you factor in the cost of in-house staff to handle your shipping needs, you will realize how a third party shipping service can actually save you money. With a third party service, you only pay when you need the service rather than paying a staff member an hourly wage.

If you own a bricks and mortar store, you can simplify your shipping process by developing an e-commerce platform. This will allow your shoppers the convenience of shopping online. Furthermore, you can link this website to a third party shipping service to save costs. Fulfilment companies offer a hassle free delivery system quite inexpensively.

– Offer Multiple Shipping Options

Recent e-commerce trends indicate that customers are willing to pay for premium value service. You can keep your customers happy by offering multiple shipping options. These options should include express delivery, free delivery and more. Most of the time, you customers will want free shipping; however, others prefer fast shipping. By offering multiple shipping options, you can rest assured that your customers will be happy and will not turn to your competitors.

– Optimize the Size of Your Package

You make your shipping costs more affordable by optimizing the size of your shipping package. Most shipping companies charge by weight; however, some do charge by size. If you have a larger order, divide into smaller sizes to save shipping costs.  Doing this can also allow you to upsell and cross sell. For example, you can offer free shipping when a customer orders multiple items, such as free shipping when the customer purchases two books. This will allow you to ship the items together to decrease your shipping costs while increasing your sales and profits.

There is also software that will help you determine the best packet size for your delivery. The software not only helps you calculate package sizes and shipping costs but will also alert you when you try to package items together that may damage each other. This type of software boosts the efficiency of your delivery service and improves your customers’ experiences.

– Streamlined Fulfillment

Many people prefer to shop in store because of the instant gratification they receive when they purchase a product. You can help replicate this by giving them a real shopping experience with expedited shipping options that allow for next day delivery.

When a customer places and pays for their order, they want a delivery system that is fast and keeps them informed. This can become tricky once an order leaves your warehouse because so many things are out of your control. However, you can alleviate many of your customer’s worries by offering detailed tracking and support service. You can alert your customer by either email or SMS when the package leaves your facility, crosses important transit points and is expected to arrive at their location.

– Easy Returns

Even if you offer amazing products, low prices and fast delivery, there will be times when a customer simply is not happy. Of course you do not want your products returned; however, offering a free return policy can boost your customers’ confidence and increase the odds of your customers reordering in the future.

Your return policy should be easy to understand. Your customers should be able to understand how to return an item and request a refund. Furthermore, to help keep your customers happy, have your delivery service provider pick up the package. Ensure your delivery company or person is insured for goods in transit insurance. The faster you are able to replace a defective product the more likely your customer will be happy and remain your customer.

The tips listed above will help you improve your company’s performance. Begin using a delivery service to take your e-commerce business to the next level. If you have any other ideas or suggestions to improve shipping and delivery performance, please share them in the comment section below.

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