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Lean How to Launch your Website

The first step in building a website is the registration of a domain name.  Whether you are a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, or if you want to start up a website to advertise your garage band, the entire undertaking begins with the registration of your domain name.

The next logical question you might ask- “What makes a good choice of domain name?”.  Well, what type of website are you planning on publishing?  What I mean by that is if your site is just going to be devoted to family photos and events, domain name choice isn’t as important as it might be otherwise.  Why?  Because in a case like that you probably don’t really care about gaining a lot of traffic to your website, your site is probably only something you are going to produce for family and friends, to let them know about the latest goings on.  You could pick something really obscure, something unique to you and your family, from the sublime to the ridiculous, and it won’t matter because you are not necessarily looking for great amounts of traffic to your site.

The point is that in a case like this, there is no real concern with getting a lot of visitors to the website other than friends and family and coworkers, so there is no real harm in naming the website ANYTHING, because you will be giving out the website address to a select few people.  BUT……

What if you want as much traffic to your website as possible?  What if you are looking for business on the internet?

It really can bring huge dividends to have a domain name that draws attention to your company name and website.  If your website is about car parts for example, do you really expect the average web surfer to remember how to get to your website if it is named “bobsthingsforsale.com” or some other unrelated name?  If you can, get your domain name exactly the same as your business, that is your best bet.  Failing that, at least try to put the category of your business into the name.  For example, a jewelry website should have a domain name like jewelry.com or jensjewelry.com, something that immediately associates the domain name with the theme of the site.  It’s all about branding, and making a lasting impression on the target audience or customers.

The Whois database contains all domain names registered, and when you are searching it will show whether or not your desired name is already registered.  After searching for the domain name, the results given will instantly show whether or not the domain name is available, and if so, give you the option to immediately register it.  If it’s not available, several alternative domain names will be proposed, to help you fine tune your search, or possibly giving you an acceptable alternative domain name to register instead.Once you have that you move on to hosting and then finally setting up your website for visitors.

You should work with a reliable hosting company because you do not want your website to be down all the time or to lose any date or to have your website hacked. Hosting prices start from as little as $4 a month for a shared server. Some of the great hosting companies are Hostgator, Bluehost and Siteground. You can also do a search in google for hosting company near me. There’s a few hosting companies spread across the country who are small by size by offer competitive prices and a great 24- hour support.

Now you know the first step in setting up a website is getting a domain name. The next step would be to design the website itself. There’s a lot of website development companies out there, and pricing differ from one company to the other. You should also know that there’s great templates on Themeforest that cost $50 or less, but you still need to learn how to manage the backend. WordPress is one of the easiest cms you can work with. And it’s great for SEO as well.

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