Healthy hair is something many women strive so hard to achieve and maintain. The way we look is drastically changed due to our hairstyle which is why it is important to visit your York PA hair salon regularly. Although, adopting a proper hair care routine at home can also help keep your locks looking healthy. For women who are looking for a better way to care for their crowning glory, follow these tips and you’ll find your hair getting stronger and more luscious every day:

1. Choose The Right Shampoo

Take extra time to choose the correct shampoo for your hair type.

2. Shampoo Every Other Day

Shampooing every day can dry out scalp and hair. Allow the oils to build up before scrubbing them away to make hair healthier.

3. Condition After

Never forgo the conditioner after every shampoo. Adding this little step gets rid of tangles and makes hair less prone to breaking.

4. Lukewarm Water Is Best

Bring the shower temperature to a nice lukewarm when rinsing. Hot water gets rid of the essential oils that your hair needs to stay healthy.

5. Comb Wet Hair With Care

It is very tempting to run a brush through wet hair to get rid of tangles, but doing this can lead to a lot of damage. Wet hair is very brittle, so instead of using a brush get a broad tooth comb and gently run it from the roots to the tips.

6. Towel Dry

Constantly using a hair dryer on wet or even half wet hair can cause a lot of damage. Towel dry your hair instead!

7. Brush Every Morning

Run a brush through your dry hair in the morning to keep it tangle free and to properly distribute the oils from your scalp. Plus, it gives your hair that extra healthy shine.

8. Protect From External Factor

Keep your hair covered when you are out for long periods. Extreme sunlight, cold temperatures, and even wind can cause severe damage to unprotected hair.

9. Keep Brushes Clean

Routinely clean your brushes with warm soapy water to get rid of oils and hair product build up.

10. Trim Regularly

Visit your trusted York PA hair salon regularly for a trim of the tips. You may not notice it, but sometimes split ends have formed and leaving them untrimmed may cause a lot of damage that may result in an unwanted haircut.

11. Deep Conditioning Treatments

Give your hair a chance to gain its moisture back by getting a deep conditioning treatment at your salon. Reserve this as a treat and you’ll see a major difference in your hair’s health.

12. Avoid Cotton Pillow Cases

Use satin or silk pillowcases to avoid static build-up while you sleep.

13. Let Your Hair Rest

Give your hair a break once in awhile. Don’t tie, don’t style, just let it free. This helps lessen damage and stress on your locks.

Make proper hair care a part of your daily routine to keep it strong and healthy for longer!
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