When you first established your business, you knew that one significant duty which you have is to follow security regulations.  Among your legal duties is to provide fire training to your employees.  For some business owners, this seems like an additional chore considering all the work that they need to do in a daily basis.  However, in the event that you would really think about it, providing correct instruction and exercises can actually help you save a life one day, can it be of your worker or of a customer.  Below you will discover some of your options that you would want to consider for your employees.


Within this choice, you will have to round your employees and also have a professional fire-fighter or expert continue with the coaching.  Schedule a day for this and be certain everyone attends.  This can include fire marshall training (evacuation procedures, daily and weekly checks:

  • Safety features
  • Preventative steps
  • Extinguisher exercises
  • Drills

Fire extinguisher training (practice and theory, when to fight or flee), and risk assessment exercises (laws, hazard awareness, risk assessment exercises). Metrofire is a specialised healthcare emergency management business offering a range of:

  • Consulting services
  • Education programs
  • Fire safety training packages

CD-Based Video

A fantastic choice to on-site is the CD-based video.  DIY video packages are the sensible and cost-effective alternative to both small and big companies.  This unites video modules, software evaluations and printable documents.  The fantastic thing about this is that your employees can learn at their own paces and they’re able to view the video within their very own computer.  The business owner can avoid the annoyance of gathering all the employees and taking them away from work.  This can bring substantial savings to the business owner too.  This typically includes:

  • Safety precautions
  • Extinguisher evaluations
  • Video modules

Just be certain you choose a video CD package which has good image quality, easy-to-understand instructions, and visual messages which can enhance learning.

E Learning

Many business owners due to its low cost and efficiency also favor E learning.  It is much like the video coaching in terms of benefits but rather than finding the information out of a CD, you would access it via the Internet.  This system provides a home page at which every user must log on to.  Here, your employees will get access on significant safety records and coaching videos in which they’d understand of the rudiments of flame safety.  One advantage of E learning is the fact that it’s always updated and can remain accurate even if there are any changing laws.

Business owners have many things in your mind

You would need to think about marketing strategies, fiscal issues, management of employees, improvement of products and services, and so many more.  But even if they’re so active, they should never neglect their significant obligation to provide fire training to their employees.  This isn’t only for the interest of your business but more importantly for the people who are working for you personally and for the people coming in and out of your business.  Who knows?  This can make you save a life daily.


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