Facelift is a currently growing trend and people prefer non surgical face lift options. People do such therapies to tighten their skin and get a younger look. A few years back surgical facelift trend was at its peak, but as technology gets advanced, face lifts without surgery is getting popular. This non surgical facelift is more preferred for the younger individuals around 30 to 40 years of age.

Types of non surgical facelifts

No person in the world wants to have a shaggy skin. It is not just about facelift surgery but people also do eyelid surgery, which involves the removal of extra skin from the upper eyelids to give it a tighten look. Moreover, arm lift is also a common trend of the world to get rid of such hanging skin. There are different techniques applied to such surgeries. Non surgical facelift is somewhat a more attractive trend for the people around. It has the following types:

  • Botox Injections

Botox is a botulinum toxin which the most popular non invasive facelift surgery. It is used to reduce frown lines, bands over the neck, and wrinkles.

  • Laser Therapy

In such laser face lift, light beams of very low intensity are directed on the skin to activate collagen production, to enhance oxygenation and moisture, to tighten the skin and improve its appearance.

  • Transfer of Energy

In this process, some type of energy such as infrared or radiofrequency is used to heat up the deeper facial tissues which cause the tightening of the face. The most famous one is Thermage system

  • Volume Replacement

In this process, some fats or fillers are used to restore the facial volume. This was believed that such replacement is not for the facelift but it does help in overcoming aging to some extent.

  • Procedures of Resurfacing

These processes consist of many types of peels. This was used for a certain period of time but later on its used was minimized due to some side effects.


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