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Step-by-Step Academic Conference Planning Guide for Beginners

Conference planning is very necessary for organizing a successful conference. Conference is an event where various topics are discussed under a specific theme. In academic conference, various study related subjects are discussed for the betterment of students as well as parents and teachers. The theme of the conference is the most important thing that has to be kept in mind before organizing a conference. The themes in different academic conferences are like about the core subject based or new scenario or new discovery related or it may be related to the counseling of the students. So after selection of the theme conference, the next step is selection of the various subjects or topics under the specific theme and selection of ideal speaker for those specific topics who are having the depth knowledge about that topic. Selection of the venue and date are the next big step for planning and organization this type of events.

A step-by-step planning guide for the beginners to organize an Academic Conference is as follows:

  • Crafting the vision of the conference: The vision for establishing the conference is very important. The theme of the conference should be made to fulfill the vision of the conference. A proper vision should be made such that will make the students, teachers and even the guardians will eager to attend the conference. The specific conference will be made beneficial for the students in their upcoming futures. The discussions can be made regarding some problems or difficulties that the academic organization is facing or it can be made regarding a new approach that the organization is going to made.
  • Affordable listing and fixing dates for the conference: A suitable registration fee should be made for the students, guardians, teachers and speakers. The fee for the guardians and teachers should be a little higher than the students. The method of payments and specified preferable currencies should be informed to the inviting speakers from before. A specific date is to be made for settling the deadline of the final payment of the registration fee. The arrangement of the conference should match with the registration fee. The speakers should be given badges and bouquets or honoring them. A preferable date like Sundays or other holidays should be fixed for the conference so that the parents and teachers can able to present there without difficulties.
  • Comparing the various services and the conference venues: A suitable conference site is to be selected for planning a conference. The site should be such that it can able to accommodate all the registered guests. Therefore selection of site should be made carefully so that the guests feel comfortable to listen at the discussions. The different services should be done for the speakers. The conference can be made affordable by selecting an area of the academic organization as there will be no cost of conference venue. But the room should have proper audio visual facility so everyone from first to last row can listen to the speakers.
  • Recruitment of some working groups: A conference should be organized by some working groups who will involve in the registration process of the conference and in making the conference site properly decorated that will match the theme of the conference. An online registration system can also be made where the payments will be done online by the participants. One can also go for on-spot registration where there will be presence of two to three persons in front of the registration desk.
  • Recruitment of the conference assistants and staffs: The final confirmation seats should be sent to the registered participants before the conference date by the assistants. The final list of the participants should be made by the staffs and then the catering agencies should be informed according to list. The staffs should make proper hospitalities with the guests. The staffs will also check that the registration fees that are collected from the participants are processed or not. If any queries are found then that should resolved properly.
  • Confirmation about the on-site details: The committee should plan a meeting for the preparation of registration packets and different name tags for different speakers. The materials that are required in the conference are to be shipped at the conference site in different numbered boxes. The numbers of registered persons including the speakers are to be noted and proper seating arrangements should be done for them. The photographers should be confirmed for the conference.
  • Selection of the conference kit, food and beverages:The conference kit includes a file where there will be presence of a writing pad, a pen, a small two to three page booklet where the time of the speech by different speakers should be mentioned along with the break times. The catering should be finalized about four to six weeks in advance. There should be presence of both non veg as well as veg food so that no one feels difficulties. The lunch packs are to be of good qualities but should be within budget. The food and beverages can be brought from the organization canteen or from nearby restaurants.
  • Thinking about the final considerations: At first a committee meeting should be planned where there will be distribution of contact lists of all the conference staffs and assistants. Then special guest room deliveries are to be coordinated for keeping the gifts for the speakers. Then a meeting should be done with the securities and parking officials for proper hospitality to the inviting speakers. A registration desk is to be set up for registration and the registration packets should be compiled that are to be distributed among the students or guardians and speakers. A final walkthrough is to be done with the speakers for the conference.

It is difficult to organize a conference in a little time. A time of one or two years is required for planning an academic conference. The persons those are not having any experience of organizing a conference can waste their time in the thoughts of an unimportant little thing without noticing the most important things. The beginners should follow the step-by-step planning for organizing an academic conference successfully.

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