We live now in era where flashlights have evolved from a simple light to a multi-functional tool that can be very useful in different types of situations. The new LumiTact flashlight is the G700, thisflashlight is currently one of the bestselling flashlights on the market for 2016. People have always admired new revolutionary technologies and when it comes to revolutionary flashlight technology the G700 is the pioneer in this filed.

The G700 flashlight has got a lot of attention on social media after the US army announced that the G700 was their official flashlight for 2015 when it still wasn’t available on the market. After LumiTact realized that their flashlight became so popular among regular citizens they dropped their contract with the US army and in February of 2016 they released their flashlight to the open market.

What makes the G700 a military flashlight?

Beside the fact that this flashlight was used in open combat by the US army, there are a lot of features on this flashlight that adds the flashlight into the military grade weapons category. When you compare the industry average for the lumen power of a flashlight, the G700 has X10 times more lumen power then all regular flashlights. With a 700 lumen power this flashlight is capable of turning night into a day with just one simple click.

Unique LED technology

All flashlight are being manufactured on a very similar principal. Every flashlight for transmitting the lumen power onto one place uses LED diodes which aren’t really capable of transmitting the entire lumen power. The engineers behind the G700 military flashlight have invited a unique LED chip that is fully capable of transmitting the entire lumen power on to one place.

LED diodes have a circular surface which makes the light to be spread out instead of focusing on one place. LED chips have a square surface which is focusing the entire lumen power in one direction and not only that the entire lumen power is transmitted but also with the LED chips the flashlight reach is longer.

Battery life longevity

Every device which is powered with batteries has a problem with it life longevity. Until now there wasn’t any flashlight that can last up to 10 hours of continues work. The G700 military flashlight with the integration of the unique revolutionary LED chip can now last up to 48 hours of continues work without recharging the batteries.

Rechargeable option on the G700

One of the things that kept people from buying a powerful flashlight was because of the batteries. Maintaining your powerful flashlight every moth with 3 Double-AAA batteries in an unwanted extra expanse. With having this in mind the engineers behind the G700 added a small but very meaningful change, they added the rechargeable option which made the flashlight instantly more attractive for the consumers.

Indestructible material

One of the things that makes this flashlight a military grade weapon is the extra ordinary indestructible material. Made with an aircraft aluminum this flashlight is very durable and can last on very harsh conditions. The aircraft aluminum is also waterproofed and now you can easily use this flashlight under water.


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